Originally published in 1926, this book was written in the first instance for the benefit of those students of Logic and Scientific Method who receive insufficient or no help in the way of oral instruction. The main function of the following pages is to deal with the exercises, as distinguished from the book-questions. It includes chapters on the scope of logic, theory of judgment and immediate inference, and theory of induction.

chapter Group A|1 pages

Scope of Logic

chapter Group B|3 pages


chapter Group C|5 pages

Predicables, Categories, Etc.

chapter Group D|1 pages

Laws of Thought

chapter Group E|4 pages

Theory of Judgment and Immediate Inference

chapter Group F|24 pages

Exercises in Immediate Inference

chapter Group G|1 pages

Theory of Inference

chapter Group H|7 pages

Syllogistic Doctrine

chapter Group I|33 pages

Syllogistic Exercises

chapter Group J|3 pages

Theory of Induction

chapter Group K|48 pages

Exercises in Scientific Method

chapter Group L|4 pages

Probability and Chance

chapter Group M|11 pages

Miscellaneous Fallacies