This book was originally published in 1935. The Sahara, or as it is otherwise known, the Great Desert, is probably the most outstanding desert on the surface of the earth - not only because of its exceptional aridity, but by reason of its tremendous size as well. This book examines the Sahara, including chapters on the structural formation, the climate, the geological past, and the different regions of the Sahara.

part Part I|26 pages

Introduction to the Sahara

chapter I|6 pages

The Great Desert

chapter II|9 pages


chapter III|9 pages

Organization of Desert Life

part Part II|92 pages

Physical Existence of the Sahara Present and Past

chapter IV|5 pages

Structural Formation

chapter VI|12 pages

The Geological Past

chapter VII|29 pages

Superficial Circulation of the Waters

chapter VIII|14 pages

Progressive Desiccation

chapter IX|11 pages

Oases and Tanezroufts

part Part III|17 pages

History of the Sahara

part Part IV|79 pages

Regions of the Sahara

chapter XI|21 pages


chapter XII|12 pages

The Tibbu Sahara

chapter XIII|8 pages


chapter XIV|36 pages

The Tuareg Sahara

part Part V|23 pages


chapter XV|21 pages

The New Sahara