Originally published in 1915, The Pilgrimage of Grace, 1536-1537, and The Exeter Conspiracy, 1538 examines this period of British Tudor history in great detail, including chapters on the council of the North, the White Rose Party, and the Exeter Conspiracy. This is the second of two volumes written by these authors on this period in history.

chapter Chapter XV|23 pages

The Second Appointment at Doncaster

chapter Chapter XVI|31 pages

The King’s Policy

chapter Chapter XVII|44 pages

Hallam and Bigod

chapter Chapter XVIII|42 pages

The Duke of Norfolk’s Mission

chapter Chapter XIX|41 pages

The King’s Peace

chapter Chapter XX|44 pages

The End of The Pilgrimage

chapter Chapter XXI|51 pages

The Council of the North

chapter Chapter XXII|20 pages

The White Rose Party

chapter Chapter XXIII|32 pages

The Exeter Conspiracy

chapter Chapter XXIV|6 pages