Emmanuel Kant has the distinction of having introduced a great revolution into philosophy and yet stood the test of time. He stands as one of the great foundation stones of modern thought. This book, first published in 1925, covers Kant’s works essential to his philosophy as a system, and also illustrates his position in the history of thought. It is a clear and accurate statement of Kant’s chief doctrines.

part Part I|1 pages


chapter Chapter I|26 pages

Historical Aspect of the Problem

chapter Chapter II|17 pages

Precise Nature of the Problem

part Part II|1 pages

The Constitutive Principles of Knowledge

chapter Chapter I|25 pages

Transcendental Æsthetic

chapter Chapter II|25 pages

General Survey of the Analytic

chapter Chapter III|29 pages

The Transcendental Deduction of the Categories

chapter Chapter IV|37 pages

The Analytic of Principles

part Part III|1 pages

Transcendental Dialectic, or the Doctrine of Pure Ideas

chapter Chapter I|19 pages

The Ideas of Pure Reason

chapter Chapter II|33 pages

Kant’s Criticism of Rational Cosmology

chapter Chapter III|24 pages

The Idea of God.

chapter Chapter IV|12 pages

The Ideas as Regulative Principles

part Part IV|1 pages

Kant’s Ethical System

chapter Chapter I|13 pages

The Problem of Moral Freedom

chapter Chapter II|18 pages

The Formulation of the Moral Law

chapter Chapter III|18 pages

Kant’s Moral Theology