First published in 1991. Japanese attitudes to pollution and environmental protection were distinctly equivocal. The Japanese are a nature-loving people, yet they are responsible for widespread environmental destruction; Japan has some of the world’s strictest environmental quality standards, but the country also has some of the world’s most environmentally damaged areas. In this book the authors present a broad and detailed analysis of policy and process in Japan in the late twentieth century.

Brendan Barrett and Riki Therivel, who both have extensive research experience in Japan, describe interest group participation in Japan’s environmental policy-making and give an historical review of the relationship between economic growth and environmental problems. They look at the framework for environmental policy-making and outline the system for environmental management. This is complemented by a discussion of Environmental Impact Assessment, and by live case studies of the practical realities of EIA in Japan.

With environmental problems reaching global proportions, countries all over the world have much to learn from the experience of Japan, and the book will be extremely useful to national government officials, to local planning officers responsible for EIA, and to environmental consultants working for commercial and industrial companies. It will also be essential reading for students of geography, environmental studies, Japanese studies and planning economics.

chapter one|4 pages


part One|86 pages

Environmental policy

chapter two|20 pages

Interest groups

Participation in environmental policy-making

chapter three|23 pages

Environmental problems

History and current state

chapter four|21 pages

Environmental management

Economic and land use framework

chapter five|20 pages

Environmental policy

part Two|68 pages

Environmental impact assessment

part Three|72 pages

Case studies

chapter nine|10 pages

Overview of the case studies

chapter ten|7 pages

Honshu-Shikoku Road/Rail Bridges

chapter eleven|16 pages

Kansai International Airport

chapter twelve|21 pages

New Ishigaki Airport

chapter thirteen|10 pages

Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway

chapter fourteen|6 pages

Kyoto Second Outer Circular Route by Toshio Hase

chapter fifteen|6 pages