Originally published in 1977, Old English and Middle English Poetry provides a historical approach to English poetry. The book examines the conditions out of which poetry grew and argues that the functions that it was assigned are historically integral to an informed understanding of the nature of poetry. The book aims to relate poems to the intellectual and formal traditions by which they are shaped and given their being. This book will be of interest to students and academics studying or working in the fields of literature and history alike.

chapter 2|32 pages

Anglo-Saxon religious poems

chapter 3|28 pages

Late Old English poetry and the transition

chapter 4|34 pages

Poetry in the early Middle English period

chapter 5|31 pages

Some fourteenth-century books and writers

chapter 6|39 pages

Alliterative poetry

chapter 7|34 pages

Court poetry

chapter 8|61 pages

The close of the Middle Ages

chapter 9|2 pages