This updated third edition presents a wide-scale, interdisciplinary guide to social media. Examining platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube, the book analyzes social media's use in journalism, broadcasting, public relations, advertising and marketing.

Lipschultz focuses on key concepts, best practices, data analyses, law and ethics – all promoting the critical thinking that is needed to use new, evolving and maturing networking tools effectively within social and mobile media spaces. Featuring historical markers and contemporary case studies, essays from some of the industry’s leading social media innovators and a comprehensive glossary, this practical, multipurpose textbook gives readers the resources they will need to both evaluate and utilize current and future forms of social media communication.

Among other changes, updates to the third edition include a deep dive into new approaches to analytics, as well as greater discussion of law and ethics in light of the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal, the roll-out of GDPR and new case law relating to social media. Social Media Communication is the perfect social media primer for students and professionals, and, with a dedicated teaching guide, ideal for instructors, too.

chapter 1|38 pages

Introduction to Social Media Concepts

chapter 2|28 pages

CMC, Diffusion, and Social Theories

chapter 3|27 pages

Social Media in Journalism

chapter 4|31 pages

Social Media in Public Relations

chapter 5|29 pages

Social Media in Advertising and Marketing

chapter 6|27 pages

Social Media Metrics and Analytics

chapter 8|18 pages

Big Data and Privacy

chapter 9|40 pages

Law and Regulation

chapter 10|25 pages

Social Media Ethics

chapter 11|18 pages

Best Practices in Social Media