This book is a very practical guide to help managers put their own and their employees’ professional values to work. Through real life stories and case studies, the author brings to life and light the ethical challenges that present themselves in corporate and institutional settings.

The reader gets to see that ethics lies not only in the big, dramatic defining moments, but in the everyday behaviors of people as they work together in the service of organizational goals. The text is punctuated with summaries, exercises, and opportunities for reflection where the reader has an opportunity to review their own ethical frameworks and to see how these show up in the daily choices they make. Ideas are provided to help managers coach their employees to strategize around ethical issues, how to communicate their views with clarity and conviction, and how to find support in the organization to tackle difficult issues.

chapter |14 pages


part 1|162 pages

The external and internal ethical pressures businesses face

chapter 1|37 pages

Capitalism – the macro environment

chapter 2|37 pages

Ethical barriers at work

chapter 3|29 pages

Am I an ethical person?

chapter 4|38 pages

Ethics and moral development

chapter 5|19 pages

Ethical reflection – an interlude

part 2|160 pages

Ethical strategies and practice guidelines on how to become an ethical leader

chapter 6|36 pages

From Socrates to modernity

chapter 7|30 pages


chapter 8|32 pages

The path to global corporate citizenship

chapter 9|32 pages

The moral reasoning framework

chapter 10|28 pages

Ethical leadership and good practice