Companies that have integrated a contribution to society into their business models are more likely than others to succeed for the long term. This book provides you with information, tips, and tools to assess and strengthen your company for ongoing success.

Through the use of case studies, the book describes the leaders’ journeys – the mistakes they made, the successes they achieved, and the lessons they learned. Some are certified as Benefits Corporations (B Corps) because they have incorporated a clear societal purpose into their missions and they are able to demonstrate positive social impact. Others, while not certified B Corps, are at various stages in their commitments to society.

The book is for leaders at many levels, including CEOs, senior leaders, and managers, as well as those without formal positions of authority but who can influence others and contribute to a sustainable culture.

chapter |5 pages


part I|70 pages


chapter 1|16 pages

Becoming a sustainable company

Making the case

chapter 2|16 pages

Leadership in sustainable companies

Character and values

chapter 3|19 pages

Company identity

Purpose, values, and vision

chapter 4|17 pages

Trust and trustworthiness

part II|48 pages

The nature of sustainable cultures

chapter 5|15 pages

Internal organizational culture

From purpose to engagement

chapter 6|16 pages

External relationships

Embracing the unusual suspects

chapter 7|15 pages

Enhancing change capabilities

part III|34 pages

Deep change

chapter 9|18 pages

The Transformational Cycle

Becoming a sustainable company