This pioneering book explores the impact of ADHD on a couple’s sex life and relationship. It explains how a better sex life will benefit your relationship (and vice versa) and why that’s especially important for couples with one partner with ADHD.

Grounded in innovative research, ADHD After Dark draws on data from a survey of over 3000 adults in a couple where one partner has ADHD. Written from the author’s unique perspective as both an expert in ADHD and a certified sex therapist, the book describes the many effects of ADHD on couples’ sex lives and happiness, covering areas such as negotiating sexual differences, performance problems, low desire, porn, making time for sex, infidelity, and more. The book outlines key principles for a great sex life for couples with ADHD and offers strategies and treatment interventions where specific issues arise.

Written in a readable and entertaining style, ADHD After Dark offers clear information on sexuality and relationships and is full of valuable advice on how to improve both. This guide will be an essential read for adults with ADHD, as well as their partners or spouses, and therapists who work with ADHD clients and couples.

section Section I|86 pages

The Lay of the Land: Research Results

section Section II|146 pages

Principles of Great Sex Lives

chapter 5|18 pages

Sex Makes You a Better Person

chapter 7|11 pages

It’s All Foreplay

chapter 8|16 pages

Make it a Priority

chapter 9|30 pages

Sex 101 (and 201, and 301 …)

chapter 10|13 pages

Taking Some Personal Time: Masturbation

chapter 11|24 pages

What About Porn?

section Section III|106 pages

Overcome Specific Issues

chapter 12|14 pages

When the Negotiations Break Down

chapter 13|23 pages

Problems With Performance and Pleasure

chapter 14|20 pages

Problems With Desire: Not Enough Sex

chapter 18|2 pages

Final Thoughts