This is volume two in a four-volume edition of primary source materials that document the histories of design across the long nineteenth century. Each volume is arranged by appropriate sub-themes and it is the first set of primary sources to be gathered together in this comprehensive and accessible format.

Design refers to more than simply products and personalities or even cultural ideas, it involves consideration of ways of design thinking and applications as well as the philosophies and the other disciplines that impinge upon it. Here, the second volume looks at the designed objects, images, and spaces that were created in the period. These include discussion of design in interiors, industry, fashion, graphics, and architecture amongst others.

The volumes will be of interest to a range of scholars and students, including those in art and design history, visual culture, and nineteenth-century material culture. They will also be of interest to a broad range of scholars working in areas including aesthetics, gender, politics and philosophy.

chapter |18 pages

General Introduction

chapter |15 pages

Introduction to Volume II

Objects, Images and Spaces (Visual and Material Culture)

part 2|424 pages

Industrial Art/Industrial Design

chapter 9|10 pages

[Anon], ‘Josiah Wedgwood’

part 2.1|68 pages


chapter 12|16 pages

Matthew Digby Wyatt, ‘Theory’

chapter 13|30 pages

[Anon], ‘Gothic Metalwork’

chapter 14|14 pages

Auguste Willms, Industrial Art

part 2.4|28 pages


chapter 23|6 pages

E. A. Poe, ‘Philosophy of Furniture’

chapter 24|7 pages

[Anon], ‘The Art-Furniture Fever’

chapter 26|4 pages

Stephen Webb, ‘Furniture’

part 2.7|6 pages


chapter 33|4 pages

Walter Crane, ‘Of Wallpapers’