Drawing on Judy Hutchings many years of work with parents and children, The Positive Parenting Handbook is a concise, straightforward guide that offers simple solutions to daily dilemmas. The clear and easy advice provides parents with skills and tools that support positive parent/child relationships for happy and confident children. It explains common behaviour problems in young children and offers expert advice on:

-How to build strong bonds and let children know they are important to you

-How to encourage behaviour we want to see through praise and small rewards

-Giving instructions that children are more likely to follow

-How ignoring some unwanted behaviours can be helpful

-Strategies for managing difficult behaviour

-Teaching new behaviour to our children

-Developing children’s language.

It includes six case studies of how these strategies have helped real families with everyday problems at bedtime and mealtimes, during toilet training, out shopping and when children experience anxiety.

Together with suggestions of other useful books and information sources, The Positive Parenting Handbook is ideal for all parents, including those of children with diagnosed developmental difficulties, and the range of professionals who work with them.

chapter 1|8 pages


Understanding common behaviour problems in young children

chapter 2|20 pages

Building a positive relationship

Letting children know that they are important to us

chapter 4|15 pages

How to get better at giving instructions

chapter 5|11 pages

Ignoring problem behaviour

chapter 6|15 pages

Managing difficult behaviours

chapter 7|13 pages

Teaching new behaviour to our children

chapter 8|9 pages

Developing children’s language

chapter 9|3 pages

Summing it all up

chapter 10|43 pages

Typical problems experienced by real families

Positive parenting in action