This addition to Anissa Rogers' bestselling Human Behavior in the Social Environment expands the original text with new chapters on spirituality, families and groups, organizations, and communities. Written in the compact, concise manner of the original text, the new chapters cover mezzo and macro contexts, and offer additional material valuable to two- and three-semester HBSE courses.

These new supplemental chapters provide instructors with an opportunity to choose the chapters that best fit the layout of the course: Instructors can use all four new chapters with the core HBSE text; or they may choose one or several to augment the core HBSE text, allowing the text to be customized to the way in which the course is taught. Along with the bestselling core HBSE text, these supplemental chapters are ideal for use in either one-semester or year-long generalist human behavior courses. Why? Because the combined texts are concise and easily used in a one-semester course. But the combined texts also come with a companion set of readings and six unique cases that encourage your students to learn by doing and to apply their knowledge of human behavior to best practices. Go to www.routledgesw.com/hbse to learn more. These additional resources easily allow you to use the text (and its related resources) in a two-semester sequence.

chapter Chapter 14|38 pages

Spirituality and Human Behavior

chapter Chapter 15|38 pages

Families and Groups

chapter Chapter 16|27 pages

Social Organizations and the Social Environment

chapter Chapter 17|29 pages

Communities and the Social Environment