Learn how to help elementary students build mathematical proficiency with purposeful, standards-based, differentiated, engaging small-group instruction. This best-selling book from Dr. Nicki Newton provides a repertoire of in-depth strategies for conducting effective guided math lessons, scaffolding and managing learning in small groups, and assessing learning. Dr. Newton shows you the framework for guided math lessons and then helps you develop an action plan to get started.

This fully updated second edition features helpful new sections on beliefs, teacher moves, planning, talking and questioning, and kidwatching. It also contains a brand new study guide to help you get the most out of the book and use it with your colleagues. Perfect for teachers, coaches, and supervisors, this popular resource is filled with tools you can use immediately, including anchor charts, schedules, templates, and graphic organizers. With the practical help throughout, you’ll be able to implement Tier 1 and 2 lessons easily. This book will help you guide all your students to becoming more competent, flexible, and confident mathematicians!

chapter 1|9 pages

An Introduction

Guided Math

chapter 2|9 pages

Beliefs That Frame Guided Math

chapter 3|11 pages

Five Teacher Moves for Small-Group Success

chapter 4|16 pages

Guided Math in a Numerate Environment

chapter 5|9 pages

Managing the Math Workshop

chapter 6|10 pages


chapter 7|20 pages

Balanced Assessment

The Key to Grouping Students for Guided Math

chapter 8|20 pages

Planning, Planning, Planning

chapter 9|14 pages

Building Mathematical Proficiency

chapter 10|11 pages

Questioning in the Guided Math Group

chapter 11|31 pages

What Are the Other Kids Doing?

chapter 12|12 pages

More About Math Workstations

chapter 13|17 pages

The First 20 Days of Math Workshop

Setting the Stage for Effective Guided Math Groups

chapter 14|18 pages

Book Study Guide