Originally published in English in 1956, this book is divided into 3 parts : the first outlines how, after 1933, those outside Germany began to become increasingly afraid of sinister operations on the part of German agents and the partisans of National Socialism. The second part examines the role of the German Fifth column during the war and the third part analyses the role of the groups which were living outside Germany at the time Hitler started his assault.

part One|144 pages


chapter |36 pages

Introduction: The approach of disaster

chapter Chapter I|15 pages

Panic in Poland

chapter Chapter II|12 pages

Denmark and Norway surprised

chapter Chapter III|12 pages

The invasion of the Netherlands

chapter Chapter IV|17 pages

The German offensive in Belgium and France

chapter Chapter V|10 pages

Tension in England

chapter Chapter VI|16 pages

The Americas in alarm

chapter Chapter VII|13 pages

1941—Germany attacks again

chapter Chapter VIII|11 pages

The fixed image

part Two|102 pages


chapter Chapter IX|12 pages


chapter Chapter X|24 pages

Denmark and Norway

chapter Chapter XI|25 pages

Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg and France

chapter Chapter XII|21 pages

England and America

chapter Chapter XIII|13 pages

Yugoslavia, Greece, the Soviet Union

chapter Chapter XIV|6 pages

The military Fifth Column

part Three|51 pages


chapter Chapter XV|18 pages

The imaginary Fifth Column

chapter Chapter XVI|28 pages

Historical Summary

chapter |3 pages