Originally published in 1963, this book examines the territorial settlement with Germany at the end of the First World War. It approaches it from the standpoint of British official attitudes and policy in order to discover the pre-Paris-Peace-Conference evolution of British governmental thinking on German boundary issues: to bring out the relationship between British attitudes and those of their allies and to determine British influence on the drafting of the territorial provisions of the ill-fated Treaty of Versailles.

part One|1 pages

The Wartime Background

chapter I|24 pages

Initial Attitudes on Basic Problems

chapter III|36 pages

The Armistice and Territorial Questions

part Two|1 pages

Pre-Conference Preparations

chapter IV|35 pages

Advice of the Experts

chapter V|17 pages

Governmental Attitudes before Paris

part Three|1 pages

The Making of the Settlement

chapter VI|31 pages

The German-Polish Frontier

chapter VII|22 pages

‘Dinner Instead of Danzig’

chapter VIII|21 pages

The Rhine Frontier

chapter IX|30 pages

The Treaty of Guarantee

chapter X|33 pages

Lloyd George, Wilson, and the Saar Dilemma

chapter XI|30 pages

Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Greater Germany

chapter XIII|43 pages

Appeasement or Statesmanship?

chapter XIV|19 pages