Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion into Trauma-Informed Social Work incorporates discussions of leadership, racism and oppression into a new understanding of how trauma and traumatic experience play out in leadership and organizational cultures.

Chapters unpack ideas about the intersections of self, trauma and leadership, bridging the personal and professional, and illustrating the relationship between employees and leaders. Discussion questions and reflections at the end of each chapter offer the opportunity for the reader to understand their own vulnerabilities in relation to the subject matter. This book reconceptualizes cultural competency, trauma and leadership in the context of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and views theories and practices through a lens of diversity and inclusivity.

Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion into Trauma-Informed Social Work is an expansive guide for students in social work, one that explores and explains how trauma and difference manifest in how we communicate, lead and work with each other.

chapter 3|20 pages

Leadership in Social Work

chapter 4|22 pages

Transformational Leadership

chapter 5|22 pages

Challenges to Transformational Leadership

chapter 6|9 pages

Envision a New

chapter |12 pages

Trainings, Workshops and Dialogues

chapter |11 pages

Case Studies

chapter |6 pages


The Work Begins at Home