City sextons are a dying breed and in this book sextons from throughout the United States share their experiences as a city’s chief death expert. With a view to investigating their role in local governance processes, how they contribute to public engagement in cities, and what are some misconceptions about this role, Staci M. Zavattaro sheds light on unique public servants that are rarely – if at all – discussed in public administration research. Themes discussed include:

  • background stories on each sexton interviewed;
  • vignettes of their most interesting stories that can be used as case studies in public administration practice and teaching;
  • public history functions;
  • self-care strategies they use to deal with the stress of the position.

City Sextons: Tales from Municipal Leaders will be of key interest to scholars studying public management, emotional labor, and leadership.

chapter 1|8 pages

Sextons as Public Servants

chapter 2|9 pages

Cemeteries in Everyday Life

chapter 3|12 pages

Records Management and Deeds

chapter 4|17 pages

Cultural Competency in Cemetery Management

chapter 5|15 pages

Dark Tourism and the Cemetery

chapter 6|16 pages

Empathy and Beyond

chapter 7|15 pages

Cemetery Potpourri

chapter 8|5 pages

Concluding Remarks