Performance Studies: The Basics offers an overview of the multiple, often overlapping definitions of performance, from performance art, performance as everyday life, and rituals, to the performative dimensions of identity, such as gender, race and sexuality.

This book defines the interdisciplinary field of performance studies as it has evolved over the past four decades at the intersection of academic scholarship and artistic and activist practices. It discusses performance as an important means of communicating and of understanding the world, highlighting its intersections with critical theory and arguing for the importance of performance in the study of human behaviour and social practices.

Complete with a helpful glossary and bibliography, as well as suggestions for further reading, this book is an ideal starting point for those studying performance studies as well as for general readers with an interest in the subject.

chapter |21 pages


chapter 2|23 pages

Performance art

chapter 3|19 pages

Performance and performativity

chapter 4|21 pages

Identity and lived experience

chapter 5|19 pages

Performance activism

chapter 6|24 pages

Performance research methods

chapter 7|19 pages

Performance studies