This book offers a broad and deep examination of the dynamics of US imperialism. Petras analyzes imperialism not only as economic domination, showing that its impact in the world takes many forms, including cultural, political and historical. He points to the disruptive effects it has on other world regional economies and cultures. Capitalism and imperialism take diverse forms but both are intimately tied to the projection of state power in the service of capital—a strategy designed to advance the geopolitical and economic interests of the US economic elite and ruling class—interests that are equated with the 'US national interest'.

part I|39 pages

Historical Background

chapter 1|11 pages

US Global Power in the 21st Century

Military or Economic Imperialism?

chapter 2|15 pages

Fifty Years of Imperial Wars

chapter 3|7 pages

Empire or Vampire?

chapter 4|4 pages

A Century of Wars That Were Lost

part II|22 pages

Structure of Empire

chapter 5|7 pages

Foundations of the US Empire

Axes of Evil

chapter 7|4 pages

Imperial Power Centers

Divisions, Indecisions and Civil War

part III|49 pages

Political Economy of Empire

chapter 8|10 pages

Democracy and World Power

chapter 9|6 pages

Imperial Wars and Domestic Epidemics

chapter 10|4 pages

The Pentagon and Big Oil

Militarism and Capital Accumulation

chapter 11|3 pages

Soaring Profits and Soaring Social Costs

chapter 12|8 pages

Putting an End to the Welfare State

The Last Cut

chapter 13|4 pages

Imperial Recovery and Disappearing Workers

chapter 14|5 pages

Global Empire and Internal Colonialism

chapter 15|4 pages


Western Wars and Imperial Exploitation Uproot Millions

part IV|51 pages

Geopolitics of Empire

chapter 17|7 pages

Dis-Accumulation on a World Scale

Pillage, Plunder and Wealth

chapter 18|8 pages

Washington’s Two-Track Policy

Marines to Central America and Diplomats to Cuba

chapter 19|7 pages

The United States’ Grand Strategy Toward China

Mistaken Assumptions and Prescriptions

chapter 20|3 pages

Re-mapping the Middle East

chapter 21|11 pages

The Offensive Against Venezuela

chapter 22|8 pages

The Sun Never Sets but a Mote Remains

chapter 23|5 pages

The Emperor’s Rage

part V|54 pages

Ideology of Empire

chapter 24|8 pages

The Harvard School of Empire Building

chapter 25|8 pages

Lies and Deceptions on the Left

chapter 26|5 pages

An Empire Built on Fear at Home and Abroad

chapter 27|6 pages

Imperial Road to Conquest

Peace and Disarmament Agreements

chapter 28|3 pages

Mapping Trump’s Empire

Assets and Liabilities

chapter 29|5 pages

Latin America in the Time of Trump

chapter 30|4 pages

Trump’s Protectionism

A Great Leap Backward

chapter 31|5 pages

Trump Marches Onward and Downward

chapter 32|3 pages

Trump Against the World Order

A Teapot in a Tempest?

chapter 33|5 pages

A Decalogue of American Empire Building