Providing a ‘one stop’ text, Understanding the Voices and Educational Experiences of Autistic Young People is a unique and comprehensive contribution to bridge the gap between theory, research and practice. Based on the author’s teaching and research experience, this book provides a theoretical and practical framework for participatory rights-based autism research and demonstrates the benefits of – and growing emphasis on – voice and participation research; if done correctly it can be of immense benefit to policy, practice and how we support autistic young people.

Alongside a critical and extensive review of research literature and debate on the efficacy of mainstream inclusion for autistic children, the book provides practical advice on how to support autistic children in research and in school. Significantly, Goodall investigates and presents the educational experiences of autistic young people – including girls – and their suggestions to improve educational practice from their own perspectives, as opposed to adult stakeholders.

This book will act as a key text for student teachers, practitioner-researchers, those already supporting autistic children in education or social settings (including teachers, school leaders, special education leads, policymakers) and academics researching in the areas of autism and inclusion.

chapter 1|1 pages

Setting the scene

chapter 2|1 pages


chapter 3|1 pages

Rights perspective

chapter 5|1 pages

Researching with autistic young people

chapter 9|1 pages