Building Your Career in Psychology is a new practical, aspirational, and experiential book designed to help readers make informed decisions about their college, career, and life success.

The primary theme in this book is that psychological knowledge makes a difference in people’s lives. Building on this theme, this book provides an empowered process for making the most of college and other career preparation experience, helping the reader to set the stage for academic, career, and life success. This book emphasizes academic skills, unwritten rules, career planning, and developing relationships – both professional and personal. Moreover, this book includes evidence-based career development content and exercises, as well as other resources to assist readers in discovering their own path to a meaningful career and life.

Highlights of this book include:

  • Discussion of career options at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels
  • Forms, handouts, and exercises (both basic and advanced) to facilitate deeper processing and application of content
  • References and resources for further information
  • Website with additional information, including instructor resources
  • Recognition and respect for the diversity of people, their experiences, and paths

Featuring the best practices in facilitating career decision-making and planning, this book is a must read for undergraduate and graduate students in psychology courses as well as anyone interested in a career in psychology.

part Part I|57 pages

Psychology and how it helps you reach your goals

chapter Chapter 1|17 pages

How does psychology change the world?

chapter Chapter 2|18 pages

Connecting your goals to the education needed

chapter Chapter 3|20 pages

Career decision-making and management for psychology

part Part II|47 pages

Practical guidance, unwritten rules, and planning to reach your goals

chapter Chapter 5|15 pages

The unwritten rules of success

It doesn't just happen by accident

chapter Chapter 6|16 pages

Developing an action plan

part Part III|35 pages

The role of relationships in your educational and career success

chapter Chapter 7|17 pages

Relationships in your professional life

chapter Chapter 8|16 pages

Relationships in your personal life

part Part IV|64 pages

Career paths and options at different educational levels

chapter Chapter 9|17 pages

Bachelor's degrees

Career paths and options

chapter Chapter 10|16 pages

Master's degrees

Educational options and career paths

chapter Chapter 11|14 pages

Doctoral degrees

Educational options and career paths