The research, field work and writing for this study have taken over two years. The book was originally written as a Ph.D. dissertation under the supervision of Professor James Bill of the University of Texas (at Austin). I am grateful to him for his careful and considerate attention to the manuscript at its several stages. I wish to thank Professor Henry Dietz, Robert Femea, Lawrence Graham, and Robert Hardgrave, who provided important suggestions for the writing of this study. Four more individuals deserve particular mention for their contribution to the writing of the book. Dr. Barbara Harlow who took time to read the entire manuscript and Dr. Michael Fischer who read part. I thank both of them for the valuable suggestions provided to me. I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Ghassan Salame of the American University of Beirut whose support encouraged me to turn my Ph.D. dissertation into a book. Finally, I would like to thank Barbara Ellington, senior acquisition editor of W estview Press, for her support

chapter |9 pages


chapter 1|14 pages

Statelessness in Context

chapter 2|7 pages

Palestinians Become Refugees

chapter 3|29 pages

The Displaced Intelligentsia

chapter 4|18 pages

The Place of the Peasantry

chapter 5|12 pages

The Family as a Cross-National Entity

chapter 8|23 pages

Village and Town Funds and Associations

chapter 9|8 pages

New Crisis in the Diaspora

chapter 10|3 pages