I originally became interested in the law and society nature of this research project through a law school and then graduate political science educational background. This led me to consider courts in a number of settings, including the popular tribunals in Cuba. Before going to Chile, I wrote a lengthy paper comparing local court institutions in tribal, peasant, urban U.S. and Cuban settings. As that paper was being completed, Allende had been elected and proposals for neighborhood courts were in the air. This coincided with the above interests and with the urban political and Latin American foci I had in graduate school.

chapter |7 pages


chapter Chapter One|15 pages

Popular Origins of Neighborhood Courts

chapter Chapter Two|16 pages

Barriers to Courts and Attempted Reforms

chapter Chapter Three|23 pages

Political Perceptions of the Neighborhood Courts

chapter Chapter Four|40 pages

Operation of the Local Professional Courts

chapter Chapter Five|31 pages

Formation of People’s Neighborhood Courts

chapter Chapter Six|27 pages

Development of People’s Neighborhood Courts