The problems of the U.S. steel industry have been a source of public controversy for over twenty years. The industry has grown substantially smaller since the 1960s and hundreds of thousands of steelworkers have lost their jobs. Some steel firms and many steel mills have shut down entirely,profoundly affecting regional economies based on steel and its related industries. An industrial transformation of this magnitude has inevitably given rise to efforts to identify its underlying causes. This book is a contribution to that effort.

chapter 1|14 pages


chapter 2|39 pages

An Overview of the World Steel Industry

chapter 3|135 pages

The European Community

chapter 4|59 pages


chapter 5|119 pages

The Developing Countries

chapter 6|121 pages

Other Industrialized Countries

chapter 7|42 pages

The United States

chapter 8|11 pages

Policy Lessons for the 1990s