This book concentrates on three areas of the world where diplomacy was particularly active: the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. It addresses a global subject particularly relevant to the Middle East: the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Advisory Committee -- Editor's Note -- Essays -- Diplomacy and the Gulf Crisis -- United Nations Diplomacy in 1990 -- Contrasting Reactions to the Gulf Crisis: Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Palestinians -- Coalition Diplomacy -- The Soviet Union and Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait -- OPEC in 1990: The Failure of Oil Diplomacy -- Diplomacy of German Unification -- The Problem of Security in Post-containment Europe -- The CSCE in Transition -- The Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference of 1990 -- Regional Peacemaking: ECOWAS and the Liberian Civil War -- Diplomacy and the Western Sahara Conflict -- Departments -- Looking Ahead: Diplomatic Challenges of 1992 -- Recent Developments in Diplomatic Practice -- Diplomatic Chronology -- Letter of January 5, 1991, from US President George Bush to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein -- United Nations Security Council Resolutions Relating to the Crisis in the Gulf