Robert Beck's study focuses principally on two related questions. First, how did the Reagan administration decide to launch the invasion of Grenada? And second, what role did international law play in that decision? The Grenada Invasion draws on extensive interviews and correspondence with key participants—and on the recently published memoirs of those who participated in or witnessed the administration's deliberations—in order to render a new and more complete picture of Operation "Urgent Fury" decisionmaking. Beck concludes that international law did not determine policy, but that it acted briefly as a restraint and then as a justification for action.

chapter 3|42 pages

The Public Rationale

chapter 4|40 pages

The Stage Is Set

chapter 5|57 pages

The Invasion Decision Is Made

chapter 6|9 pages

Law After the Invasion Announcement

chapter 7|38 pages

Thirteen Days in October, Again