This book provides basic information and analysis concerning how the forces of change during the Pacific Century will provide a base for the future of the Pacific Asia. It presents a general chronological development of the civilizations and empires in the Pacific Asia.

Introduction -- Dynasties, Empires and Ages of Commerce -- Seaborne Barbarians: Incursions by the West -- Meiji: Japan in the Age of Imperialism -- The Rise of Nationalism and Communism -- Maelstrom: The Pacific War and its Aftermath -- Miracle by Design: The Postwar Resurgence of Japan -- The New Asian Capitalists -- Power, Authority, and the Advent of Democracy -- Sentimental Imperialists: America in Asia -- China’s Long March Toward Modernization -- Beyond the Revolution: Indonesia and Vietnam -- Siberian Salient: Russia in Pacific Asia -- Pacific Century: Regional and Global Perspectives