This book provides a comprehensive guide to effective trading in the financial markets through the application of technical analysis through the following:

    • Presenting in-depth coverage of technical analysis tools (including trade set-ups) as well as backtesting and algorithmic trading
    • Discussing advanced concepts such as Elliott Waves, time cycles and momentum, volume, and volatility indicators from the perspective of the global markets and especially India
    • Blending practical insights and research updates for professional trading, investments, and financial market analyses
    • Including detailed examples, case studies, comparisons, figures, and illustrations from different asset classes and markets in simple language

    The book will be essential for scholars and researchers of finance, economics and management studies, as well as professional traders and dealers in financial institutions (including banks) and corporates, fund managers, investors, and anyone interested in financial markets.

    chapter 1|16 pages

    Introduction to technical analysis

    chapter 2|27 pages

    Basic principles of technical analysis

    chapter |22 pages

    Momentum indicators and stochastics

    chapter 7|15 pages

    Volatility and volume indicators

    chapter 8|35 pages

    Elliott Wave Principles

    chapter 9|18 pages

    Time cycles

    chapter 11|8 pages