To remain relevant in today’s world, practitioners should presume that they have two jobs: first, to do their work effectively so that they provide value to the organization; second, to improve how the work is done so that their organization remains competitive. This book offers clear guidance to excel at this ubiquitous second job.

Informed by an appreciation that most personnel that work in any firm, even firms that are manufacturing-oriented, routinely provide services as a key element of their jobs, this book explains how to provide and improve internal customer service, regardless of industry or role. It illustrates the common features, or service process "DNA," while providing a diverse set of examples to enhance understanding. Written by a pioneer in the development of principles and methodologies that address services in a structured and distinctive manner, this book stresses that service processes are distinctly different from manufacturing processes.

Rigorous and practical, this book will appeal to students and professionals alike, in business, hospitality, industrial management, public health, and other fields.

Online resources include Excel files that act as templates to help with quantitative analysis routines.

chapter 1|14 pages

Service Science

chapter 2|18 pages

The Business Process

chapter 3|12 pages

Defining Value

chapter 4|19 pages

Process Mapping & Analysis

chapter 5|13 pages

Waste Removal

chapter 6|15 pages

Consumption Mapping

chapter 7|11 pages

Adding Value

chapter 8|16 pages

Determining Capacity Levels

chapter 9|16 pages

Modeling Business Process Queues

chapter 10|14 pages

Measuring Business Process Performance

chapter 11|17 pages

Statistical Monitoring of Performance

chapter 12|13 pages

Business Process Improvement

chapter 14|12 pages

Business Process Outsourcing