Emerging from an education world that sees professional learning as a tool to positively shape teaching practice in order to improve student learning, Transformational Professional Learning elucidates professional learning that is transformational for teachers, school leaders, and schools.

Written from the unique ‘pracademic’ perspective of an author who is herself a practising teacher, school leader, and researcher, this book articulates the why and the what of professional learning. It acts as a bridge between research and practice by weaving scholarly literature together with the lived experience of the author and with the voices of those working in schools. It covers topics from conferences, coaching, and collaboration, to teacher standards and leadership of professional learning.

This book questions the ways in which professional learning is often wielded in educational settings and shows where teachers, school leaders, system leaders, and researchers can best invest their time and resources in order to support and develop the individuals, teams, and cultures in schools. It will be of great interest to teachers, leaders within schools, staff responsible for professional learning in school contexts, professional learning consultants, professional learning providers, and education researchers.

chapter |16 pages


About this book

chapter Chapter 1|16 pages

Transformational professional learning

chapter Chapter 2|7 pages

Speakers, courses, and conferences

chapter Chapter 3|7 pages

Key life moments as professional learning

chapter Chapter 4|14 pages

Collaborative professional learning

chapter Chapter 5|17 pages

Mentoring and coaching

chapter Chapter 6|8 pages

Self-directed professional learning

chapter Chapter 8|24 pages

Leadership for professional learning

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What next in professional learning