For many decades, management in its research and practice has been in need of an alternative approach and paradigm to understanding human behaviours. Many studies and books have attempted to provide solutions to the individual, which ended up being a cultural dilemma with little success. This book provides a novel approach to address this dilemma by linking aspects from three knowledge domains; Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology.

Cross-Cultural Leadership supports Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and makes it a practical construct and tool that both managers and researchers harness to understand what "cultural Chameleon" means. The book also renders support to Douglaisan Cultural Framework  (DCF) by activating the role of the usually neglected fifth culture; the hermit by linking it to the metacognitive dimension of CQ. This link introduces for the first time the mechanism that individuals use to run through metacognitive processes to drive change.

This book is a tool for individuals to help them work efficiently outside their homeland. Being an adaptive or culturally hybrid leader is among the most important competencies of the effective leaders in the 21st century. By focusing on comprehending the five cultures as elaborated in DCF, leaders and managers will be relieved from the dilemma of having to understand each and every national culture of their employees. This book will be of value to researchers, academics, managers, and students with an interest in leadership, management, organization studies, globalization, and innovation

part Part 1|29 pages


part Part 2|29 pages

Culture and Cultural Intelligence

chapter 5|12 pages

Cultural Intelligence

part Part 3|30 pages

The Sustainable, Dynamic and Adaptable Leadership Model

part Part 4|46 pages

Application and Impact

chapter 9|13 pages

Context and Contribution

chapter 10|8 pages