The argument for low-cost, zero-energy, zero-waste architecture has never been timelier, while the mainstream has largely abandoned or neglected this agenda: in the UK the recent mandatory zero-carbon performance targets for new homes have been postponed or forgotten at a time when thousands of new homes will be built, and there is already a shortage of electric generating capacity. This book offers a forceful challenge to the current addiction to overconsumption of natural capital and energy, and provides workable, sustainable solutions for zero-carbon, zero-waste design.

part I


chapter Chapter One|8 pages

A Beginner’s Guide to ZEDlife

chapter Chapter Two|22 pages

The ZEDlife: A call to engage

part II|52 pages

The ZEDlife Tools

chapter Chapter Three|9 pages

Tool 1

The ZEDroof

chapter Chapter Four|4 pages

Tool 2

Solar-Charged Exchangeable Batteries

chapter Chapter Five|10 pages

Tool 3

Low-Carbon Transport: The ZEDbike, Electric Vehicles and the Filling Stations of the Future

chapter Chapter Six|2 pages

Tool 4

Building-Level Energy Systems: Air-Sourced Heat Pumps and Solar-Assisted Heating and Cooling

chapter Chapter Seven|8 pages

Tool 5

District-Level Energy Systems and Food Production

chapter Chapter Eight|6 pages

Tool 6

Retrofit Adaption of Existing Buildings

chapter Chapter Nine|4 pages

Tool 7

Rainwater Harvesting and Water Re-Use

chapter Chapter Ten|7 pages

Tool 8

Tool Combinations

part III|119 pages

Case Studies

chapter Chapter Eleven|20 pages

Case Study 1

The Zero Bills Home

chapter Chapter Twelve|12 pages

Case Study 2


chapter Chapter Thirteen|8 pages

Case Study 3

Rehousing Somalia’s IDPs: From Emergency Housing to a Long-Term Urban Solution

chapter Chapter Fourteen|6 pages

Case Study 4

Shoreham Cement Works: Mixed-Use Regeneration

chapter Chapter Fifteen|8 pages

Case Study 5


chapter Chapter Sixteen|14 pages

Case Study 6

Shanghai EXPO ZEDpavilion

chapter Chapter Seventeen|16 pages

Case Study 7

Higher-Density Strategies: Living Under a Park

chapter Chapter Eighteen|8 pages

Case Study 8

One Planet Business Centre

chapter Chapter Nineteen|10 pages

Case Study 9

Jingdezhen Ceramic Centre and the Urban Solar Farm

chapter Chapter Twenty|12 pages

Case Study 10

Bedzed, 15 Years on

chapter Chapter Twenty-One|3 pages