Community involvement in planning and placemaking through early, inclusive participatory methods can build consensus, speed up planning and add social, economic and environmental value to projects, leading to healthier, happier and more sustainable places. 20/20 Visions is an inspiring and visually stimulating introduction to the practice of participatory planning. 20 worldwide case studies, spanning 1960's projects in USA to present day UK, explore the context, implementation and follow up of the participative design process to illustrate its effectiveness in engaging all stakeholders/communities and tackling difficult regeneration issues.

chapter Chapter 1|3 pages

It’s not enough to Vote

chapter Chapter 3|3 pages

The Importance of Collaboration

chapter Chapter 4|15 pages

What is Collaborative Planning and Placemaking?

chapter Chapter 5|90 pages

20|20 Case Studies

chapter Chapter 6|11 pages

Lessons from the Case Studies