In order to meet UK Carbon reduction commitments for 2020 and 2050 building owners will be required to upgrade their buildings to meet an increasingly stringent set of energy performance requirements. In the absence of any clear advice from UK Government on how this can be achieved, the EnerPHit standard offers a very clear methodology. This is a practical guide that gives architects the tools to retrofit buildings to the highest EnerPHit standard. It equips the reader with the key information on EnerPHit (as the most effective benchmark for performance), the practical know-how and tips to ensure effective retrofit throughout all Plan of Work stages of a project to the EnerPHit standard. Backed with real-life case studies, it enables you to understand how to achieve successful outcomes tailored to suit available budgets and programmes.

chapter 1.0|12 pages


chapter 2.0|14 pages

What is EnerPHit?

chapter 3.0|16 pages

The challenges of EnerPHit

chapter 4.0|18 pages

Step-by-step to EnerPHit

chapter 5.0|16 pages

Targeting EnerPHit

chapter 6.0|42 pages

Residential Case Studies

chapter 7.0|32 pages

Commercial Case Studies

chapter 8.0|16 pages

Delivering EnerPHit