First published in 2002. This is a collection of topics of A.W.Mellon Lectures of fine Arts stemming from 1962 on the works of Blake. This volume looks at Blake’s work in three discussions; Reason, Perception and ‘What is Man’. Includes poems such as The Tyger, The Ancient Trees and The Sickness of Albion.

part V|98 pages

The Zoas of Reason

chapter Chapter 16|29 pages

The Tyger

chapter Chapter 17|21 pages

The Ancient Trees

chapter Chapter 18|31 pages

Governor of the Unwilling

chapter Chapter 19|15 pages

The Children of Urizen

part VI|88 pages

The Zoas of Perception

chapter Chapter 20|30 pages

The Sensible World

chapter Chapter 21|20 pages

Visionary Time and Space

chapter Chapter 22|21 pages

The Opening of Centers

chapter Chapter 23|15 pages

The Shadowy Female

part VII|94 pages

What Is Man?

chapter Chapter 24|25 pages

Jesus the Imagination

chapter Chapter 25|25 pages

Satan the Selfhood

chapter Chapter 26|12 pages


chapter Chapter 27|30 pages

The Sickness of Albion