At this book's core is a critical edition of letters exchanged over 50 years between Anglo-Irish composer Elizabeth Maconchy (1907-1994) and the Welsh composer Grace Williams (1906-1977). These two innovative and talented women are highly regarded for their music, their professional activities and their roles in British musical life. The edition comprises around 200 letters from 1927 to 1977, none of which have been published before, along with scholarly introductions and contextualizations. Interwoven commentaries, in tandem with carefully constructed appendices, frame the letter texts. Moreover, the commentaries and introductory essays highlight and track the development of important themes and issues that characterize the study of twentieth-century British music today. This edition presents a dialogue, through both sides of a unique correspondence, offering an alternative commentary on musical and cultural developments of this period.

Part V: Letters 188–268 (February 1966–November 1969) V.1. Letters 188–198 (February 1966–December 1966) V.2. Letters 199–220 (January 1967–May 1967) V.3. Letters 221–238 (July 1967–January 1968) V.4. Letters 239–254 (February 1968–December 1968) V.5. Letters 255–268 (December 1968–November 1969) Part VI: Letters 269–353 (January 1970–January 1977) VI.1. Letters 269–285 (January 1970–December 1970) VI.2. Letters 286–295 (January 1971–November 1971) VI.3. Letters 295–305 (February 1972–January 1973) VI.4. Letters 306–315 (March 1973–December 1973) VI.5. Letters 316–326 (February 1974–December 1974) VI.6. Letters 327–337 (January 1975–December 1975) VI.7. Letters 338–353 (February 1976–January 1977), Grace Williams: Works, Elizabeth Maconchy: Works