The Extending Knowledge and Skills series is a fresh approach to A Level Psychology, designed for greater demands of the new AQA specification and assessment, and especially written to stretch and challenge students aiming for higher grades.

Dealing with the optional topic of AQA’s Paper 3: Schizophrenia, this book is deliberately laid out with the assessment objectives in mind, from AO1: Knowledge and understanding material, followed by AO2: Application material, to AO3: Evaluation and analysis material. Providing the most in-depth, accessible coverage available of individual topics in Paper 3, the text is packed full of pedagogical features, including:

  • Question Time features to ensure that the reader is consistently challenged throughout the book.
  • New research sections clearly distinct within each chapter to ensure readers have access to the most cutting-edge material.
  • A clear focus on the assessment objectives for the paper topic to ensure readers know when and where to apply knowledge.
  • The use of example answers with examiner style comments to provide greater insight into how to/how not to answer exam questions.

An engaging, relevant and challenging text that broadens student understanding beyond that of the average textbook, this is the essential companion for any student taking the AQA A Level Paper 3 in Psychology.

chapter Chapter 1|8 pages


chapter Chapter 2|17 pages

Classification and diagnosis of schizophrenia

chapter Chapter 3|18 pages

Biological explanations for schizophrenia

chapter Chapter 4|17 pages

Psychological explanations for schizophrenia

chapter Chapter 5|17 pages

Biological treatments for schizophrenia

chapter Chapter 6|17 pages

Psychological therapies for schizophrenia

chapter Chapter 7|19 pages

Interactionist approach to schizophrenia