What is the social structure of Chinese society in the 21st century? How should China address the problem of migrant workers? How can China form a modern society? These key sociological issues are some of the topics this book covers.
This book is a collection of the research articles and lectures that Dr. Lu Xueyi, the former Head of the Institute of Sociology at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, has published since the 1980s. The author discusses the social structure, social stratification, social construction, and development of contemporary Chinese society. Arguing that the gap between economic and social development has become the major social issue facing modern China, the author advocates paying close attention to the country’s social structure and the growth of the middle class.
The book will be of interest for all scholars and students of Sociology and Chinese Studies.

chapter 1|17 pages

China’s social structure in the 21st century

Social structure transformation in China1

chapter 13|18 pages

Social mobility in contemporary China1