Now in its third edition, Cold War provides an accessible and comprehensive account of the decades-long conflict between two nuclear-armed Superpowers during the twentieth century.

This book offers a broader timeline than any other Cold War text, charting the lead-up to the conflict from the Russian Revolution to World War II, providing an authoritative narrative and analysis of the period between 1945 and 1991, and scrutinizing the 30-year aftermath, including the prospect of a "new Cold War." In this new edition, Carole K. Fink provides new insights and perspectives on key events, with an emphasis on people, power, and ideas. The third edition covers developments in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America as well as in Europe. It also includes

  • Eleven new or revised maps that illustrate the global reach of the long conflict
  • An extended chronology that includes recent international events
  • A discussion of the post-Cold War roles of the US, Russia, and China in world politics
  • An updated bibliography reflecting new scholarship in Cold War and post-Cold War history

Cold War is the consummate book on this complex twentieth-century rivalry and will be of interest to students of contemporary US and international history and history enthusiasts alike.

chapter |3 pages


chapter 1|23 pages


Soviet Russia and the West, 1917–1941

chapter 2|26 pages

The Grand Alliance, 1941–1945

chapter 3|35 pages

Cold War, 1945–1952

chapter 4|33 pages

The Widening Conflict, 1953–1963

chapter 5|30 pages

The Sixties

chapter 6|24 pages

Détente, 1969–1975

chapter 7|30 pages

Détente Collapses, 1975–1980

chapter 8|26 pages

The Second Cold War, 1981–1985

chapter 9|30 pages

The End of the Cold War, 1985–1991

chapter 10|32 pages


A New World Disorder

chapter |3 pages