College Sports and Institutional Values in Competition interrogates the relationship between athletics and higher education, exploring how college athletics departments reflect many characteristics of their institutions and are also susceptible to the same challenges in delivering on their mission. Chapters cover the historical contexts and background of campus athletics, issues and institutional tensions over market pressures, the spectacle of college athletics and how this spectacle influences athlete experiences, and the ways in which leaders are navigating these issues. Through stories of higher education that focus on the ways athletic departments leverage their institutional values, this book encourages readers to examine the purpose, mission, and academic values of their institutions, and to evaluate the role of their athletic programs, to improve outcomes and experiences on campus for students and student-athletes alike.

chapter 1|14 pages

College Sports and Institutional Values

chapter 2|19 pages

“Going to a D1 School”

chapter 3|18 pages

Towns, Colleges, and Their Sports

chapter 5|19 pages

Championships, Spectacle, and Subsidy

chapter 7|21 pages

Is Separate Still Equal?

chapter 8|23 pages

The Right Kind of Activism

chapter 10|9 pages

Change Is Already Here