First published in 1965. In 1865, a woman first obtained a legal qualification in this country as physician and surgeon. Elizabeth Garrett surprised public opinion by the calm obstinacy with which she fought for her own medical education and that of the young women who followed her.

This full biography is based largely on unpublished material from the hospitals and medical schools where Elizabeth Garrett Anderson worked, and the private papers of the Garrett and Anderson families. This title will be of great interest to history of science students.

part One|1 pages

The Medical Student

chapter One|9 pages

London Suffolk 1836–1841

chapter Two|14 pages

A Daughter at Home 1841–1854

chapter Three|15 pages

‘I’m going to be a doctor’ 1854–1859

chapter Four|13 pages

Wise Women and Learned Men: a retrospect

chapter Five|14 pages

Discussions and Decisions 1859–1860

chapter Six|14 pages

The Surgical Nurse August 1860-January 1861

chapter Seven|16 pages

A Medical Student Dismissed January-July 1861

chapter Nine|18 pages

A Year in Scotland June 1862-July 1863

chapter Ten|19 pages

In the Fortress July 1863-September 1865

part Two|2 pages

The Physician

chapter Twelve|18 pages

M.D. Paris January 1869-September 1870

chapter Fourteen|21 pages

Mr and Mrs Anderson February 1871-August 1874

chapter Sixteen|19 pages

The Two Lives January 1879-December 1885

chapter Seventeen|18 pages

Building a Hospital 1886–1892

chapter Eighteen|17 pages

Portrait of a Dean 1893–1903

chapter Nineteen|16 pages

Writing and Travelling 1893–1903

chapter Twenty|20 pages

Return to Aldeburgh 1903–1917