In a set of compelling letters to teachers, Tara Goldstein addresses a full range of issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) students and families at elementary and secondary school. Goldstein talks to teachers about how they can support LGBTQ students and families by normalizing LGBTQ lives in the curriculum, challenging homophobic and transphobic ideas, and building an inclusive school culture that both expects and welcomes LGBTQ students and their families. Moving and energizing, Teaching Gender and Sexuality at School provides readers with the knowledge and resources they need to create safer and more positive classrooms and discusses what it takes to build authentic, trusting relationships with LGBTQ students and families.Includes "The Unicorn Glossary" by benjamin lee hicks, the performed ethnography Snakes and Ladders by Tara Goldstein, and the verbatim play Out at School by Tara Goldstein, Jenny Salisbury, and Pam Baer.

part 1|2 pages

Sexuality at School

chapter Letter 2|8 pages

Gay Straight Alliances

chapter Letter 3|9 pages

What Will the Parents Say?

chapter Letter 4|5 pages

Religious Concerns

chapter Letter 5|6 pages

Fighting for GSAs in Religious Schools

chapter Letter 6|8 pages


part 2|2 pages

Gender at School

chapter Letter 7|6 pages

Gender, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression

chapter Letter 8|3 pages

Gender Pronouns

chapter Letter 9|4 pages

Transitioning in Grade 1

chapter Letter 10|9 pages

Teacher Allyship

chapter Letter 11|5 pages

Listen to the Kids

chapter Letter 12|6 pages

Easy Transitions

chapter Letter 13|8 pages

The Harm We’ve Done

chapter Letter 14|7 pages

Sex Education

part 3|2 pages

LGBTQ Families at School

chapter Letter 15|4 pages

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

chapter Letter 16|4 pages

Coming Out, Being Outed

chapter Letter 17|5 pages

Not Coming Out

chapter Letter 18|5 pages

Bullying: The School’s Responsibilities

chapter Letter 19|6 pages

Working with Bullies

chapter Letter 20|7 pages

Queer Parents, Autism, and Learning Disabilities

chapter Letter 21|4 pages

Poly Families

chapter Letter 22|5 pages

Expecting LGBTQ Families and Students at School

chapter |3 pages

Conclusion: Letter 23 Take-Aways