Building on evergreen principles, concepts, and strategies of performance and rewards management, the second edition of Rewarding Performance is a clear guide to how strategies must be adjusted to align with new realities, and programs revised to ensure their effectiveness.

Appendices dealing with the important and increased reliance on evidence-based management have been added, to provide insights into how evidence can be applied in performance and rewards management. Another major development addressed in the second edition is the rise of the "gig economy," which has challenged organizations to brand themselves as employers of choice. This new edition answers the challenge by considering the impact of this trend on performance and rewards management throughout the book, and expanding the content related to managing non-employees.

The second edition also includes a new appendix, providing a fundamental grounding in the use of statistics relevant to performance and rewards management. A chapter on contractors has been added and material on cognitive bias explores why managing people must be understood as different from managing quantitative measures. Updated figures and PowerPoint presentations make the new edition of Rewarding Performance an essential resource for instructors and students of human resource management.

part I|66 pages

Guiding Principles

chapter 1|15 pages

Human Resource Management Strategy

chapter 2|21 pages

Performance Management

Guiding Principles

chapter 3|28 pages

Rewards Management

Guiding Principles

part II|124 pages

Custom Strategies

chapter 4|21 pages

Rewarding Performance

Executives and Managers

chapter 5|23 pages

Rewarding Performance


chapter 6|18 pages

Rewarding Performance

Operating and Administrative Support Personnel

chapter 7|14 pages

Rewarding Performance

Sales Personnel

chapter 8|11 pages

Rewarding Performance


chapter 9|12 pages

Rewarding Performance

Public Sector and Not-for-Profit Organizations

chapter 10|14 pages

Rewarding Performance

Global Workforces

chapter 11|9 pages

Rewarding Performance

Contractors, Consultants and Freelancers

part III|94 pages

Strategy Integration

chapter 12|19 pages

Managing Performance

chapter 13|17 pages

Managing Rewards

Base Pay

chapter 14|19 pages

Managing Rewards

Variable Compensation

chapter 16|18 pages

Sustainable Strategies

Facing into the Future