The creative strategies in Design for Transformative Learning offer a playful and practical approach to learning from and adapting to a rapidly changing world. Seeing continuous learning as more than the periodic acquisition of new skills this book presents a design-led approach to revising the stories we tell ourselves, unlearning old habits and embracing new practices.

This book maps learning opportunities across the contemporary landscape, narrating global case studies from K12, higher education, design consultancies and researchers. It offers narrative context, best practices and emergent strategies for how designers can partner in the important work of advancing a lifetime of learning. Committed to driving sustained transformation this is a playbook of practical moves for designing memory-making, perspective-shifting, hands-on learning encounters. The book braids stories from design practice with theories of change, transformative learning literature, cognitive and social psychology research, affect theory and Indigenous knowing. Positioning the COVID-19 pandemic as a moment to question what was previously normalised, the book proposes playful strategies for seeding transformational change.

The relational practice at the core of Design for Transformative Learning argues that if learning is to be transformative the experience must be embodied, cognitive and social. This book is an essential read for design and social innovation researchers, facilitators of community engagement and co-design workshops, design and arts educators and professional learning designers. It is a useful primer for K12 teachers, organisational change practitioners and professional development facilitators curious to explore the intersection of design and learning.


The companion website for the book is a practical resource that connects to many of the projects, activities, methods, designers and stories introduced in the book. The site includes links to downloadable colour diagrams, templates for digital learning encounters, and additional reflective narratives on transformative experiences.


part Part I|55 pages

Designing Learning Encounters

part Part II|68 pages

Making Learning

chapter 4|10 pages

Designing Making

Expanding the doing of Design

chapter 5|12 pages

Design Process

Make Sense to Make Possible

chapter 6|14 pages

Design Provocations

Make Visible to Make Believe

chapter 7|11 pages

Design Methods

Make Fun to Make Tangible

chapter 8|18 pages

Design Moves

Make Together to Make Change

part Part III|75 pages

Designing Learning

chapter 9|16 pages

Social Psychology

Learning from Engaging and Empowering

chapter 10|17 pages

Cognitive Psychology

Learning from Remembering and Integrating

chapter 11|15 pages

Creative Imagining

Learning from Sensing and Wondering

chapter 12|23 pages

Designing Experiences

Learning from Making and Interacting

part Part IV|51 pages

Transformative Learning

chapter 13|12 pages

Transformative Engagement

Curiosity, Paradoxes and Making Reconfigured

chapter 14|17 pages

Seeding Transformation through Design

A Designed Approach

chapter 15|19 pages

Shift Work Elaborated

A Contingent Conclusion