This guide offers current and future student affairs practitioners a new conceptual framework for identity-conscious and intersectional supervision. Presenting an original and transformative model to address day-to-day challenges, this book gives practitioners a strategic approach to engage in self-work, identity exploration, relationship building, consciousness raising, trust development, and organizational change, ultimately helping them become more adept at supervising people from a range of backgrounds and experiences. Chapters include theoretical underpinnings, practical tips, case studies, and discussion questions to explore strategies in real-life contexts. Identity-Conscious Supervision in Student Affairs is a key tool for student affairs practitioners to effectively change systems of dominance and inequity on their campuses.

chapter Chapter One|22 pages


part Part I|75 pages

Action at the Individual Level

chapter Chapter Two|19 pages

Developing Relationships With Self and Others

chapter Chapter Three|18 pages

Creating a Strong Sense of Self

chapter Chapter Four|20 pages

Managing Power

chapter Chapter Five|16 pages

Engaging With Courage

part Part II|55 pages

Action at the Supervision Level

chapter Chapter Six|15 pages

Fostering Identity Exploration

chapter Chapter Seven|19 pages

Critical Authentic Leadership

A Pathway to Balancing Identity and Expectations

chapter Chapter Eight|19 pages

Engaging With Conflict

part Part III|39 pages

Action at the Organizational Level

chapter Chapter Nine|16 pages

Sustaining Identity-Consciousness

chapter Chapter Ten|17 pages

Influencing Institutional Change

chapter Chapter Eleven|4 pages