First published in 1999, this volume aims to add to the existing body of knowledge with regard to application of ad valorem property taxation in various countries. To this end, the present volume has essentially focused on updating, revising and extending the coverage of material included in the earlier book, ‘Comparative Property Tax Systems’. The contributors discuss issues including property tax in Singapore, Ireland, Pakistan, Poland and Cyprus.

chapter 1|31 pages

Introduction: a comparative evaluation

chapter 2|29 pages

Singapore property tax system

chapter 3|25 pages

The property tax system in Hong Kong

chapter 4|30 pages

Rating in Malaysia

chapter 6|18 pages

Real property taxation in Pakistan

chapter 7|15 pages

Property tax in Thailand

chapter 8|26 pages

Immovable property taxation in Cyprus

chapter 10|17 pages

Property taxation in Zimbabwe

chapter 11|15 pages

Property tax systems in The Netherlands

chapter 13|17 pages

The property tax system in Brazil

chapter 14|30 pages

Rating systems in New Zealand

chapter 15|24 pages

Property taxes in Australia

chapter 16|21 pages

Property taxation in South Africa

chapter 17|17 pages

Real property taxation in Kenya

chapter 18|10 pages

Land value taxation in Estonia

chapter 19|26 pages

Unimproved land value taxation in Jamaica

chapter 20|8 pages

Real property taxation in Poland

chapter 21|21 pages

Local property taxation in Hungary

chapter 22|15 pages

Property taxation in the Czech Republic