Architecture History, Theory and Preservation critically explores the historic development, theoretical underpinnings and conservation practices of architecture. Complete with 170 full color images, this volume presents architectural and urban examples, from Prehistory to the Middle Ages, chronologically and thematically examining contextual issues that provide each period with distinctive expressions. The special features, structural systems, materials and construction technologies are analyzed, as well as how the international community deals with the task of interpreting and preserving certain historic properties.

This publication provides professors and students of architecture, art history, historic preservation and related fields with an integrated view of architecture using historical, theoretical and conservation perspectives. As an architect, architectural historian and preservationist herself, Dr Pabón-Charneco weaves a field of relationships regarding each building, creating a silent yet empowering bridge between past and present.

chapter 1|14 pages

A Fixed Place Under the Sky

The Invention of Architecture

chapter 2|30 pages

Out of the Cave

Neolithic Architecture

chapter 3|45 pages

Rivers of Culture

Mesopotamian and Egyptian Architecture

chapter 4|28 pages

When the Gods Were Human

Minoan and Mycenaean Architecture

chapter 5|62 pages

Frogs Around a Pond

Architecture in Ancient Greece

chapter 6|14 pages

In the Tuscan Manner

Etruscan Architecture

chapter 7|59 pages

As Many Stars as in the Sky

Roman Architecture

chapter 8|45 pages

One True Faith

Buddhist, Christian, Islamic and Shinto Architecture

chapter 9|30 pages

The Ages in the Middle

Early Medieval and Romanesque Architecture

chapter 10|24 pages

A Strange Region of the Universe

Gothic Architecture

chapter 11|17 pages

Where Freedom Dwells

The City Revisited