Integrating CBT and Third Wave Therapies offers a thought-through approach to integrating evidence-based therapies. It provides help for all of us who are developing or have expertise in a variety of evidence-based approaches.

The theoretical part of the book briefly reviews four therapies, namely: CBT, DBT, ACT and CFT. The authors identify core processes of change and examine how each therapy contributes to each core process, helping in the integration of all four. The text considers the influence of early adversity on later mental wellbeing, the theoretical underpinnings of mindfulness, behaviour analysis, reliving and re-scripting and dissociation. Theory and practice chapters are illustrated using case vignettes.

The book will be useful for therapists to structure sessions with clients. It demonstrates how to follow a theoretical approach and offers a therapeutic structure for integrated clinical work. It will be useful in reflective practice and supervision, and for students learning about a variety of therapeutic approaches.

chapter 1|3 pages


part I|66 pages

The distinctive theoretical features of CBT+

chapter 2|6 pages

CBT in a nutshell

chapter 3|6 pages

ACT in a nutshell

chapter 4|4 pages

DBT in a nutshell

chapter 5|5 pages

CFT in a nutshell

chapter 7|4 pages

Behaviour theory and philosophy

chapter 8|5 pages

Core processes of change 1

Trust, commitment and compassion

chapter 9|5 pages

Core processes of change 2

Perspective taking, exposure and learning new skills

chapter 10|3 pages

Principles and protocol for CBT+


chapter 12|5 pages

Mindfulness theory

chapter 13|4 pages

Behavioural analysis

chapter 14|4 pages

Re-living and re-scripting

chapter 15|5 pages

Dealing with dissociation

part II|81 pages

The distinctive practical features of CBT+

chapter 16|3 pages

Complex case: Ruth

chapter 17|3 pages

Complex case: Stuart

chapter 18|4 pages

Mindfulness for clients

chapter 19|7 pages

Mindfulness exercises

chapter 20|5 pages

Motivation and commitment

chapter 21|8 pages

Name the problem behaviours


chapter 22|6 pages

Build awareness


chapter 23|6 pages

Clarify values


chapter 24|7 pages

Investigate the behaviour


chapter 25|6 pages

Goal setting


chapter 26|6 pages

Acceptance of self


chapter 27|8 pages

Tackling trauma


chapter 28|4 pages

Exposure and emotions


chapter 29|6 pages

New skills


chapter 30|1 pages

Summary and conclusions