Optimal Audio and Video Reproduction at Home is a comprehensive guide that will help every reader set up a modern audio-video system in a small room such as a home theater or studio control room.

Verdult covers everything the reader needs to know to optimize the reproduction of multichannel audio and high-resolution video. The book provides concrete advice on equipment setup, display calibration, loudspeaker positioning, room acoustics, and much more.

Detailed, easy-to-grasp explanations of the underlying principles ensure the reader will make the right choices, find alternatives, and separate the rigid from the more flexible requirements to achieve the best possible results.

chapter 1|2 pages


chapter 2|33 pages

Audio and Video Basics

chapter 3|29 pages

Optimal Reproduction

chapter 4|54 pages

Room Design

chapter 5|48 pages

Digital Sources

chapter 6|49 pages

Video Equipment

chapter 7|65 pages

Audio Equipment

chapter 8|31 pages

Room Acoustics

chapter 9|13 pages